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Winter's Tale
Winter's Tale by Emma Holly

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Bad girl meets bad boy and the fireworks begin! WINTER'S TALE is a hawt erotic novel which will melt all the snow in winter. December Worth is a bad girl with authority issues. She's in her rebellious stage, which is evident through all the boarding schools she's been kicked out of and is now stuck at Rackham's School for Young Ladies.

This is the most desolate place for December. December susses out the queen bee at this place and easily surpasses her in coolness. It helps that December is very experienced in assessing people and what makes them tick.

This story could be just a bad girl getting back at daddy and her catfights with the girls at this new school. Instead, a mystery is involved. Something supernatural is going on and revolves around a sexy male statue in a graveyard. The statue is a frozen Hans Winter who crossed the wrong queen - an irrational faerie queen to be exact.

Ms. Holly always delivers a spellbinding love story with interesting characters. In WINTER'S TALE, the world building is magical as well as deadly. The twists and turns in the plot are not all expected. There are a couple of red herrings which could catch a reader off guard. This makes the story more compelling and enjoyable.

The weaving of the fae world with mortal domain is delightful as it concludes in a fairy tale ending. The epilogue neatly wraps up a hurt December couldn't overcome on her own. With her perfect mate by her side, she's grown up and old wounds are healed.

This is a sweet tale mingled with romance, revenge, obsession and above all, a happily ever after. Recommended for paranormal romance readers who are looking for their bad boy Prince Charming.

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You convinced me. I'm in! :)
I enjoy this author. I know it's always going to be a good book from her.

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