July 2013 Recommendations

This past month, I've read some great books. I seem to be on a Femdom kick. For those who are Femdom lovers, it is a GOOD month.


Sci Fi Ménage F/m/m
Her Grace's Stable (A Jane Austen Space Opera, #2) Her Grace's Stable by Joely Sue Burkhart is a hawt ménage with PONY BOYS! In this space opera, Ms. Burkhart produces another winner. my review

Sci Fi Ffff

Gabrielle and the Leviathan Gabrielle and the Leviathan by Michael Alexander is kinky ass wtf-ery. Tentacles in space with an all female crew including whippings and breeding. Really, if taboo kinky sex is up your alley, this is not one to be missed. my review

Both of these Anthologies are delicious! Most of it is F/f. There is a little of F/m hidden in there. I really enjoyed both of them. Several of the stories require a little "me" time.

Under Her Thumb  Erotic Stories of Female DominationUnder Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination edited by D.L. King. Read my review to find the ones which are super hawt!

Wild Girls, Wild Nights  True Lesbian Sex Stories Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories edited by Sacchi Green. Read my review to find the ones which are super hawt!

Spin Out (Deputy Joe, #2) Spin Out by James Buchanan is one not to miss. Mr. Buchanan is a very talented writer. He's kinky and great with stories. His stories are riveting and causes quite the heartache. Check out my review.


Falling Away Falling Away by Lisa Henry is a great short read. It's from the M/m Romance group's amazing free stories this summer. Don't miss it. my review

Ménage M/f/M Beach Read!
On The Beach On The Beach by Lisabet Sarai is SEX ON THE BEACH! And I'm not talking about the delicious drink. Who is this author? Why have I waited so long to read her stories? This is free one from her site that is just fabulous. Don't miss it. my review

Ménage M/M/f
FrankenDom FrankenDom by Robin L. Rotham is not what I expected. Am I the ONLY person who hasn't read this book? If you haven't read it and you like ménages as well as medical play, pick up this book NOW! my review

Capture Slavery M/f, F/f, FFFf, F/m
Andrea at the Center Andrea at the Center by J.P. Kansas - I can't list out all the sexual combinations in here. It's like going into a candy shop to see all these sexual interactions. Is this realistic? Hell no. But it's so good to read. Talk about "me time"!
my review


*adds book after book to TBR*

I'm reading Andrea at the Center right now. I had to stop to read a blog tour book that's due Friday.
lol - I hope you enjoy the ones I liked. :D

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