June 2013 Polyamory Ménage

This month, we are looking to explore the different connections of a Ménage. We are featuring the below three relationships. Ménages are can be complicated and this book challenge will be no less complicated. We have the month of June to complete our books.

Step 1 - Pick the type of Ménage
You can pick 1 to 3 books. Each book picked will need to fit one of the ménage types below. The book must be BDSM genre but it doesn't have to have ménage in it.

1. V triad
2. Complete Triangle
3. N Poly closed

Step 2 - Pick your books based on your poly designation and friends

1. V formation
1A. Pick a friend who has signed up.
1B. Find a friend of your friend who is signed up but not your friend.
1C. Find a book in common to read between the three shelves.
1D. The point is that the Friend is the V part of the Triad.

2. Complete triangle - all three want to read the book or have read the book.
2A. Find two other friends who signed up.
2B. All three have the same book on the shelf.
2C. Even better if all 3 read the book for the challenge.

3. N formation
3A. This takes 4 people to do it.
3B. Find a friend (A) who is reading the book you want to read. Make sure they have a friend (B) who you don't have as a friend who also wants to read that book.
3C. Make sure you have a second friend (C) who isn't a friend of the book reading friend (A) that also wants to read that book.

Step 3 - Entering the challenge widget
Go to the challenge widget and sign up. This will be available on June 1, 2013.

Step 4 - Start Reading
On June 1, 2013 where ever you are located in the world, you may start reading.

Step 5 - Post your thoughts
After you've read your book, come back to this thread and tell us what you think. Did you love it? Hate it? Indifferent?


Q1. Can it be a book I use in another challenge?
A1. Yes, you can use it even if it is in another separate challenge.

Q2. Does it have to be a certain length?
A2. No, it can be any length.

Q3. Can it be a book I already read before?
A3. No, it can not be a re-read. This should be a new to you book.

Q4. I'm confused. Can you give me an example of how these work?
A4. Sure.

Example for V Triad
Jo, Will and I are signed up for the challenge.

Jo and I are friends.

Will and I are friends.

Jo and Will are NOT friends.

Jo reads Love Slave for two: Reunions because it's on all our shelves (Let's pretend Will has it on his shelf too)

Example for completed triangle - click spoiler
Jo, Michael and I are signed up.

All three of us are friends. (Checked through mutual friends feature)

We all pick to read "The Game Plan".

Example for N - click spoiler
Michael, Jo, Will and Sir are signed up.

Michael is friends with Jo.

Jo is friends with Will.

Will is friends with Sir.

Michael is not friends with Will or Sir.
Sir is not friends with Jo or Michael.

All four have on their bookshelf "When Jeffrey met Laura".

The point of this one is that Jo and Will are the connection. Michael and Sir are not connected to each other except through Jo and Will.

Laid Bare (I don't have to read it. I'm part of the N) for Themis, Daritone, Minnie. (Not counted towards my reading goal)

1. FrankenDom with Vivian and Carol for triangle. - I'm done! 6/30
2. Eighty Days Yellow with Valerie, Rochelle and Jindejak for N - DONE! Oh that was painful.
3. The Dom Who Loved Me with Minnie and Book Red for V  


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