March 2013 Spanking Discipline Challenge

Have you been naughty? Do you need a spanking? This month we are focused on the spanking books. The book needs to be where the theme focuses on spanking/paddling. We have 31 days to finish this challenge.

Step 1 - Pick the number of books

Chose two books (no repeats) out of the following genre:

Ménage, M/f, M/m, F/m, F/F

Unexpected Consequences (Rod and Cane Society, #1) M/f
Three's Company Ménage

Step 2 - Entering the challenge widget
Go to the challenge widget and sign up. Click ***HERE*** NOTE: The widget will open up on the 1st of March.

Step 3 - Start Reading
On March 1, 2013 where ever you are located in the world, you may start reading.

Step 4 - Post your thoughts
After you've read your book, come back to this thread and tell us what you think. Did you love it? Hate it? Indifferent?


Q1. Can it be a book I use in another challenge?
A1. Yes, you can use it even if it is in another separate challenge.

Q2. Does it have to be a certain length?
A2. No, it can be any length.

Q3. Can it be a book I already read before?
A3. No, it can not be a re-read. This should be a new to you book.

Q4. Can I read more than two books?
A4. Yes, feel free to read more than the minimum 2.

Q5. I can't find any books, do you have a list?
A5. We have 4 different places for you to check out. Check the BDSM shelf - sex-content - spanking

Spanking Anthologies

Spanking - Hands/canes/tawes/crops- SMACK!

Popular spanking books

Q5. I'm reading a book but it isn't in the BDSM group's bookshelf, what should I do?
A5. Please add it to the book shelf and also tag it with the appropriate bookshelves.

Q6. What do you mean by no repeat?
A6. The different sexual combinations may not be repeated. If you pick M/f for one of the books, then the second book can not be a M/f relationship. It has to be ménage, M/m, F/m or F/f.

Read 2/2

Body Politics - M/f - 3/9/2013
Hard Fall - M/m - 3/10/2013



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