Post Birthday

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a lovely birthday cake which had tentacles!  Here's what happened when I tried to eat the cake...


LOL!! Looks like that "sucker" really wrapped it's slippery lil tenticles around you and made it a very happy birthday!! ;)

Glad you enjoyed the "cake"!

nd :)
:) Well, these were the only pictures I could post...It did hit me up further "down" as well as on my front.
nd (a.k.a. Master's kitten) said…
That is awesome, BA!!

Master and i have talked about this in the past, not something either of us really know about, but W/we're always willing to learn new stuff! ;)

We've talked about joining a (reputable) club that has the educational classes. Closest one to here is Nashville... which is about 3 hours away.

It'll be fun learning! >^..^<

*leans in and whispers*

So tell me, how did it feel?
I love fire play as you know. Fire on the pussy is pretty hawt. Pun intended. Having my pussy lips and my clit in a fire cup is pretty intense. I love it. Having a vibrator against the cup on my clit is pretty good too. It isn't as intense as if the vibrator was on my clit...

Now, with fire cupping, you have to understand that there will be FIRE in the cup. Which means fire will touch your skin. If you are afraid of fire on my clit and pussy... don't do fire cupping. Use the suction cups. The feeling isn't as intense but it's okay.

Don't be alarmed if several hours afterwards, the clit area or the pussy is swollen and may even have "hard" parts. It usually fades within about 8 hours or so.

Does the fire hurt on the skin? Sometimes.
Got ya good there! ;) Hope your birthday was super duper. lol
^_^ - That it did...
Sarah Kat said…
I wish there was a like button... :D Glad you had fun!
Thanks. :) Does it interest you?

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