Review: Beneath an Emerald Sky

Beneath an Emerald Sky
Beneath an Emerald Sky by Michael Barnette

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Lovers separated mixed in with espionage and cyberpunk, this story should be right up my alley. To have it with m/m is a treat. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this story. Mr. Barnette usually provides a great read with a tight storyline and hawt sex. In this one, the sex is lukewarm as past lovers Emeraldsky and Steel-Or reunite.

What is also surprising is the writing in this tale. The sentence structure comes across sloppy and different then I'm used to seeing from the talented Mr. Barnette. There are fragments instead of well constructed sentences. The wording is awkward and jarring. I'm not sure if he is trying to be more creative or if this is a new style of writing. What I can say is that it pulled me out of the story.

The cyberpunk portion of this story was okay. It isn't a fresh new look at this genre. Instead, it felt as if it recycled parts of the movie - Repo Man. The concept is sound; the execution is just okay.

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