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Blue Desire
Blue Desire by Sindra van Yssel

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The Romance Review

Rock stars and drama seem to go hand in hand. In BLUE DESIRE, Katrina Razetti aka Kat is a pushy submissive. She plays at submitting and tops from the bottom. I dislike her already. She's fooled many a Doms. What she doesn't realize is how she's cheated both of them a beautiful experience with a meaningful connection. When she saunters into Le Petite Mort, she's in for a rude awakening and quite the schooling from Brett.

This is a delicious exploration of the misconceptions people have about D/s. In addition, it shows how some people play at BDSM. What Kat does with her dishonesty is neither right nor wrong. It's not bad or good. What it is, is a missed opportunity for a deeper bond between Dom and sub. If Kat could be honest with herself, she should really just hire a professional Dom to get her bottoming experience. This isn't a judgment call on Kat. Ms. van Yssel shows how this type of behavior misses out on an essential element of BDSM. It is easily apparent why Kat feels empty and unsatisfied.

Ms. van Yssel does a great job demonstrating the difference through Brett's interactions with Kat. If Kat wanted to remain unfulfilled, she could continue on her path of destruction and dishonestly. Once tasting the heady ambrosia of erotic power exchange, Kat desires more. Brett is there to help with her behavior modification. It's a delight to watch the gentle touch from Brett. It's also a pleasure to see Kat grow in maturity.

This story is more than just BDSM and how a healthy D/s relationship works. Ms. van Yssel nicely weaves in Kat's past, which explains a lot of her hang ups. The plot is also driven with an alluring underlying message. It's a message of change, honesty and erotic blooming. There is also the trademark knight in shining armor helping the damsel in distress.

Ms. van Yssel pens lovely BDSM romance stories because her male leads are so loyal, protective and dominant. It's a delectable dream man who isn't overbearing. This BDSM tale is recommended for romance lovers who enjoy a good D/s scene.

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