Review: Dangerous Submission

Dangerous Submission
Dangerous Submission by Lori Toland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review (Mine is the second review.)

A dangerous mission, a computer hacker, secret agents and a Scottish Dom make for a rollicking good time.

In DANGEROUS SUBMISSIONS, Drake Steele is assigned to a case he knows will go sideways. His new partner for an undercover assignment is handsome redhead Robbie Covington. There are so many things wrong with this mission. Drake doesn't for one second believe Robbie can pull off being a perfect submissive. In addition, Robbie's tight twink ass just begs for a hard plowing. Too bad Drake doesn't mix business with pleasure. Because Robbie meets all of Drake's desires.

This is a secret agent suspense tale with some kink thrown into it. Without the BDSM kink, this story probably wouldn't have been as appealing. From a mystery novel perspective, it's a little light on the intrigue as well as the suspense. The focus is more on easing Robbie into the secrets of this underground lifestyle. Although in this story, the BDSM lifestyle highlighted is only for the rich and famous.

Ms. Toland's romance element is good. The issues Drake and Robbie experience and have to overcome are both believable and accurate to real life. The BDSM component is quite lovely. The single tail whipping, flogging and spanking are all arousing and captivating. The sneak peek into subspace is an alluring added piece. Unfortunately, the catty fighting between two submissives is all too valid and disappointing.

This story is a fast and easy read with expected outcomes and loveable characters. Both Drake and Robbie are easily described as a boy next door. Even if Robbie is part of the British aristocracy, he's neither pretentious nor shallow. He's a sweet boy who marks beautifully under the whip and blushes so easily. Drake is the classic stoic former military man with a soft gooey center. There is nothing complicated about this book other than the distance these two men live from each other.

This m/m romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy a little impact play.

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Sarah Kat said…
O.O You had me at Scottish Dom.. :D
Since I just came back from Scotland when I read the book, I could REEALLLY hear him talking in my head.
Sarah Kat said…
Oh, you went to Scotland? Lucky you!
Yup. Spent 5 days in Edinburgh. It was AWESOME! I'm thinking of going on a Scotch tour next year. :)

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