Review: If It Fornicates

If It Fornicates
If It Fornicates by L.A. Witt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Lip biting dread fills my stomach this entire story. Nick is now experiencing a crisis between his new relationship with Spencer and his job as a Dom rentboy. Nick is not just burned out, but loosing meaning in his job to beat, whip, flog and/or fuck his clients. As one of the most expensive rentboys who is a top earner for the Market Garden, what does this mean for Nick? I am anxiety stricken for Nick. These two men are perfect together and it's a relationship that I don't want to see coming to an end.

Spencer could have been created as a jealous boyfriend providing Nick an ultimatum. In fact, each time, I keep expecting this to happen and wincing as Nick tries to reconcile his job and his new found love. Fortunately, Spencer is loving and supportive. This all comes to a head when their work life intersect with their personal. I didn't know who to feel worse for - Spencer or Nick. It's a tough situation for both.

Ms. Witt and Mr. Voinov do an excellent job of showing the conflict between work and personal life. In addition, they show how judgmental and hypocritical people can be. This makes me sad yet resigned to a harsh reality.

The sex in here between the Nick and Spencer is still hawt and sensual despite the mid-life crisis. The kinky cbt is intensely arousing. Definitely a fetish not featured enough. The interference between paid and relationship sex brings this all to a decision point which is resolved in a manner I didn't expect. It's a delicate negotiation which both Spencer and Nick win. This sweet tormented m/m romance is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a love conquers all theme.

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