Review: LaForge, a Spanking Romance Trilogy

LaForge, a Spanking Romance Trilogy
LaForge, a Spanking Romance Trilogy by Rollin Hand

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Domestic discipline with dryads and spankings, could this trilogy be a bit more mystical? Mr. Hand is a new author for me. His stories are straightforward and more than just about the spanking. In this trilogy, it's a bit of paranormal with witches mixed in with possible fae characters. It kind of reminds me of a Twilight Zone or Supernatural show.

There is a town, LaForge, which receives good fortune as long as a sacrifice is performed each year. Only women age 18 to 35 can become a willing participant. I have two regrets when I learned of this condition. The first one is that this town doesn't really exist. The second one is that I'm too old. C'est la vie. For this tale to work, Mr. Hand provides a believable back story which helps to bring this all together. It's nicely done with just a touch of erotic spankings.

This is a light BDSM story with gentle domestic discipline. The male "protector" Sam Reilly is living the dream. At four women's behest, he becomes their disciplinarian. Not only does he spank with his hand or leather implements, he enjoys sexual interludes with the sexy foursome - unfortunately only one at a time.

Three short stories tie together between the spankings and the fight between good and evil. Unsurprisingly, the evil forces are easily combated by the good people of LaForge. Surprisingly, the spankings, whipping and sex are glossed over. This trilogy is recommended to romantics who enjoy a light kinky spanking.

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