Review: Mafia Captive

Mafia Captive
Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wrong place at the wrong time usually means bad things. Once again Ms. Thomas crafts a tale which blurs the lines a bit and questions right and wrong. Faith Jacobson is barely able to eek out a living. She has saved a bit of money and hopes to do better. Alone in the world, except for a few party friends, Faith is just passing through life. She's merely a drone with very little to offer in the world. She's average and if she were to disappear, no one would care.

Faith makes one mistake. She witnesses a murder and she foolishly gets caught. Ms. Thomas creates a rather weak and foolish girl here. Faith isn't too stupid to live. She's a girl with an abusive past and never moved past it. It hangs above her like a black cloud. She seems to be constantly crying or stuttering.

Leo on the other hand, he is quite alluring. He skates the line between good and evil because of his family affiliations. Still, he does what he thinks is best for everyone. He's sweet on the inside. He is also a deviant with hawt kinky desires. What's not to like?

The BDSM in this story involves a bit of non-con, but is it really? Leo gives Faith a choice. It comes across as dub-con with wooing a reluctant girl. Once again Ms. Thomas shifts the line and makes the reader question if this is a romance story or not. For me, it's a twisted dark romance. Faith ends up in a better place, although some may argue with me. This dark erotica is recommended to readers who enjoy a questionable alpha male.

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