Review: Making Him Wait

Making Him Wait
Making Him Wait by Kay Jaybee

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The Romance Review

Cock-teasing combined with deferred gratification and public sex? This is a must read book.

Maddie spends her day helping couples to be more comfortable with their sexuality. She assists people who are shy about their body and hide their sexual desires. Maddie's gift is being able to see into the heart of a person's sexual fantasies and bringing it to surface. One small detail, Maddie is not a sex therapist; she's a talented artist.

While BDSM isn't mentioned much nor are the terms BD, D/s or SM bandied about, make no mistakes, this book is a hawt kinky D/s tale. Maddie comes across as part confessor, part professional dominatrix and a whole lot of naughty minx. She controls her models' lusty desires through skillful application of deferred gratification to increase sexual tension and culminate into an explosive orgasm. Is Maddie looking for more nude models? Sign me up! I willingly submit to be her nude model in exchange for her brand of D/s and edging. It's smoking hawt.

Ms. JayBee is a very good storyteller. Her characters are sensual and kinky. Her sex scenes are explosively hot in a minimalist way. She sparingly uses fancy devices. Instead, it's the mind fuck and undertone of D/s which is commanding the scene and making it deliciously depraved.

One could argue this story is just porn with slutty sex. I would argue that this is a very well written story with a plot and interesting characters. It's a blend of an erotic journey as well as an artist coming into her own. While Maddie sends each of her models into a coming of age erotic exploration, she is strolling down a less traveled path with a man, Theo.

Theo is a character who frustrates me. He's such a man! His makes a couple of poor decisions because he's easily led astray by his dick. Still, he's not a bad man. He's definitely no white knight in shining armor. What he is, is someone who can match Maddie's zest for life and understand her artist soul. The merry chase she leads him on goes awry a few times. When people use the phrase "it's complicated" to explain a relationship, they mean Maddie and Theo.

Ms. JayBee also does an excellent job of keeping the reader's attention by creating unique scenes and scenarios as well as realistic conflicts between characters. This story contains it all - betrayal, obsession, love, friendship and above all - hawt sex. This book is highly recommended to voyeuristic readers who love a good cock tease.

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