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The Offering
The Offering by Christine Warren

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The Romance Review

Space opera with forced sexual slavery and body modification are my kinks packaged in this lovely story, THE OFFERING. Major Eve Cartwright dedicated her life to the Protectorate. Her stellar service is unmarred with a single misconduct until she ran afoul of General Mokollik. His corruption is eroding the free worlds. Unfortunately no one is calling him on it. Instead, the focus is on capturing the rebels. Enemy rebel number one is Michael Taggert.

With the latest disciplinary action against Eve, her only choice is to go undercover as a sex slave. This humiliating assignment is designed to capture Michael. Eve has never been so mortified. In order to pass as a sex slave, she is forced to heavy body modification. Not only do they smooth away her hard earned muscles, her breasts are enlarged and her face is tart-ed up. This is particularly hot and kinky. It would only be hotter if Eve was tattooed. The piercing was a nice touch.

Ms. Warren packs a couple of hot sexy scenes in this short story. The world she created is a familiar futuristic alliance of colonized planets. The frame work is just enough to understand the dynamics. For those well versed in this type of space opera, it's easy to follow.

The characters in this story are fiery and single dimension. Neither Eve nor Michael are complex characters. They are exactly what they seem - a disgruntled military woman and a fighter for the oppressed. The twist in the plot line is not unexpected. It resolves the story in an easy manner and helps set up for the next story in this series.

This erotic romance is recommended for space opera readers who enjoy it kinky.

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