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On His Terms
On His Terms by Sierra Cartwright

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Even a stubborn, opinionated woman can be a submissive. Some are naturals and others need a bit of work. Is this really true? Anyone can be a submissive if they work hard enough at it? This is an iffy theory. My personal view is a person needs to have the inclination to be a submissive in order for submission to work.

In ON HIS TERMS, Chelsea Barton is an aggressive and manipulative spin doctor. Her goal is to land a few big-name clients in order to help her small business grow. She mixes it up with pleasure when her target clients are Doms. Exposed to a little kinky slap and tickle, Chelsea is determined she can easily be trained to be the perfect submissive. She targets Master Alexander to train her. He isn't taking on new submissives to train but that doesn't deter her.

Ms. Cartwright does a good job of showcasing a newbie submissive coming to grips with a mentality she wasn't expecting. This is almost like a BDSM 101 class yet done in a manner which is smooth to read, if a bit idealistic. The D/s shown in this is high protocol. It's something which is very appealing to many in the lifestyle. Not all D/s relationship require this kind of ritual and protocol, but it is a very popular concept people try to emulate. The issue with learning all these rituals is that sometimes it's just going through the motions and not understanding the deeper connection which makes D/s worthwhile.

Ms. Cartwright shows how it's more than just positions and blind obedience in a subtle manner. She uses Master Alexander to walk Chelsea through the difference and it's so good. Watching Chelsea coming to grips with the need for the connection with a Dom is delightful.

This story is recommended to kinky readers wanting a glimpse into high protocol D/s training.

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Sierra said…
Thank you for the review! :) Very thoughtful and appreciated. :)
Wow! Thanks for dropping by, ms. Cartwright! I just read In His Cuffs and LOVED it. I sent my review in for approval yesterday. Can't wait to recommend that in my monthly recommendations in the BDSM goodreads group.

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