Review: Restraint

Restraint by Erica Chilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm mixed on this story. The writing is stilted for me. Is it because the lead character is all confused? The repetition of a scene while makes a point throws me out of the story because it feels awkwardly inserted. If this was a movie, one could tell it's another dream/memory sequence. It a book, it doesn't come across the same way.

Katya is obviously a survivor of something traumatic. As the story unfolds, it's pretty evident what is going on, who the perpetrators are and why they are involving Katya again. This mind fuck is pretty cool and I enjoyed that piece.

What disturbs me at times is the fact that each of these main characters is fucked up with some kind of mental problem/instability and they are into BDSM. At one point, they even client only a sick fucked up person would be into BDSM. That is a pet peeve of mine and I don't appreciate this message. It's true theses characters have issues they seem not to be able to resolve.

What to say about the characters? I liked Katya. Even though she's different from me and this is written in first person (which I don't like) it worked. It would have worked better for me if it was in her point of view but not in first person. That's my preference. Ezra and Cortez are both a bit enigmatic and it's why I like them. Ms. Chilson does a good job of making her characters unique so it's not possible just to swap their names and the story would still make sense. It helps me care more about each of the characters. The only thing really bugging me is the nonchalant attitude with the cheating infidelity. I don't like it.

The BDSM scenes in here are decent. There's obviously been some research. The club nearly pushes this into a GlitterKink book but it's not the focal point of the story so I'm leaving it off. There is a lots of mixed messages here. The D/s portrayed here is off kilter since trust is a key component yet it's constantly being broken. This entire book is watching train wreck survivors crawling out of the wreckage and understand what happened and why. It does make me want to read the next book in this series. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a mind fuck.


      Restraint (Mistress & Master of Restraint #1)


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