Review: Taken

Taken by Selena Kitt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Why? I picked this one up because it's Ms. Kitt and it has f/f! This is a 3.5 star book for me. Hawt dayum the sex was good. I'm so glad I finally picked up another Selena book which is arousing. A 19 year old with a 30 something year old woman getting it on all kinky was delicious.

Then we add the menage. It's like a triangle Sarah wants Lizzy. Lizzy crushes on David. David wants Sarah. But then, Sarah gets Lizzy and Lizzy's all over Sarah. Is young 19 year old Lizzy a lesbian? Or is she bi? She's young and confused, but she does know that she adores Sarah and it's the best sex of her life. Then they bring in David. Sarah and David are around the same age and they totally talk BDSM above Lizzy's head. Lizzy's left out in the cold to some degree.

My heart hurt in this story. It's a blazing hot young love burning out too fast and left with just ashes blowing in the wind. Do we know what happens to Sarah or David? No. Instead we are left with Lizzy and her poignant memories. Good lord, just slit my wrists and get it over with. I really enjoyed this ending because it hurt so acutely and it hit home. How many times did I play the role of Sarah unwittingly in my past? This is recommended for menage readers who aren't looking for a happily ever after or a happily for now.

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I have this in my pile somewhere. I may have to pass on it. I pretty much like my HEA or HFN.
Sarah Kat said…
:( I've wanted to read this for awhile, and may have to pass.. I like sad stories that end happy or at least HFN most of the time, like Carol said. Sounds like a tear jerker!
It's not so much a tear jerker as more of a first love lost. Do you remember your first love? And then when it ended, you were kind of in shock? Then that person just disappears? It's that kind of youthful love lost and unrequited.
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