Review: Testing Tom

Testing Tom
Testing Tom by Lucy Felthouse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Delicious and romantic side of femdom! Ms. Felthouse shows a more realistic D/s dynamic between a Domme and her sub. In Testing Tom, Katrina's heart is broken as her submissive tosses her over for a "normal" relationship. It came out of left field. Now Tom is back and begging for a second chance.

This could be a set up for a depraved revenge punishment as well as some harsh grudge fucking. (Not that there is anything wrong with that scenario because it's just as tempting for me.) Instead, Ms. Felthouse treats the reader to a controlling yet sweet testing of trust rebuilding. There is no set up for failure, instead it's devoted to reassure Katrina isn't setting herself up for another heartbreak.

This short story is a good example of a responsible dominant's behaviour accented with steamy kinky scenes. With just a few implements, Katrina dominates easily and it's beautiful to witness. The BDSM is realistic except for perhaps the "last" test. The last test is absolutely fabulous, one of my FAVOURITE fetishes. Not sure about the rules in UK, but in US, this wouldn't be allowed even in a private club unless it was a closed private party. Still, it's a fitting ending.

Ms. Felthouse's writing voice is smooth and infused with well placed humour. This short story is recommended to kinky romance readers looking for a good femdom piece.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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Unknown said…
This looks really good, but for some reason I can't seem to find it on Amazon... :(
Oop! Sorry - it's an ARC. Releases tomorrow I think. It won't be on Amazon yet. It's still in the Queue.
Unknown said…
Oh! Whew. Okie doke, on the TBR list for now. :)
Femdom and this is a Brit Babes? I'm in! Still not on Amazon yet, but it's on the GR TBR.
I'm not sure when it comes out. I thought sooner rather than later. It's a short tasty treat.

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