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Truth by Sherri Hayes

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What is the truth? Can Anna handle the Truth? In the third book in Finding Anna series, Anna's father, John, shows up to claim his daughter. This is the father who sold her to the sadist Ian. Suddenly, he waltzes in and wants to take his daughter back? He wants to protect her now? I don't think so. Stephan feels exactly the same.

There are some interesting questions posed in this story. Exactly what happened for Ian to take possession of Anna? Is the reader to believe John's side of the story? Or what Stephan's pieced together? This title is aptly named as the Truth is not fully revealed and everyone is trying to find it. There are facts presented, yet there are too many missing pieces which leaves the truth up for interpretation.

While Stephan is trying to protect Anna and help her acclimate to life outside of slavery, he's being hit from multiple fronts. The fear and misconceptions of BDSM in this story is the most aggravating part in this book. What's sad is that it's an accurate portrayal of reality and people's judgmental opinions. Stephan's uncle as well as Anna's friend, Ross, both demonstrate the narrow-minded arrogance those in the lifestyle face from friends and family. Ms. Hayes does a good job of capturing how those against BDSM would try to push their agenda upon others.

There is little BDSM play in this book. Instead the reader is treated to a healing Anna. Her curiosity pushes her to explore and ask questions. She's not ready yet, but there is hope for Stephan. Will Anna emerge from her cocoon to become a beautiful kinky butterfly? Perhaps.

While some questions are answered; new issues arise. This tale is the build up for the final installment. This tale does spice up the romance and prepares the reader for the final showdown. This light BDSM romance is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.


      Truth (Finding Anna #3)


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Sarah Kat said…
Well, I haven't read the first two books in the series, but this looks good! Although, what kind of father sells their daughter to a sadist? O.O
A bad one? A desperate one? A dumb one? It's hard to figure out the mind of a guy who would sell off their child.
Sarah Kat said…
True.. Guess I'm gonna have to read the series to see what happens!
I have read the two first books... And I'm 50% on Truth... I have telling my friends about this story amd a couple have already told me how amazing they are... I just love the story between Stefan and Anna
@ Mariana - can't wait for the 4th installment.

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