Review: Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories

Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories
Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories by Sacchi Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an erotic book not to be missed. It is smoking hawt! Ms. Green brought together some amazing smexy f/f stories. Those who enjoy all kinds of kinky fetishes with girl on girl sex, this is the book to read. There are total of twenty short stories. These bite size pieces are great for a little before bedtime foreplay. There are enough variations of kinks in here to appeal to all kinky f/f readers. Each story is tightly written with not a word wasted. Ms. Green does a great job ensuring a consistent smoldering heat from beginning to end.

There were four stories which stood out above the rest. These were ones which touched my personal favourite kinks and wet my panties. My favourite one is FOXY AND THE RIDICULOUS LESBIAN ORGY by Allison Moon. First of all, pet play is something I adore. Second, when mixed with a bunch of girls chasing one foxy femme and then gang banging her, I'm in hog heaven. This story is definitely an inspiration for some smexy roleplaying.

Next up would definitely be NURSE JOAN by Cheyenne Blue. Medical play - what more does a person need to know? Hello, Nurse! Unauthorized usage of medical equipment in this titillating tale also encourages couples to play "doctor". The added bondage and exam is smoking hawt.

As an ageplay lover, ARE YOU MY MOMMY? by Danielle Mignon is delicious. It feeds my spanking and domestic discipline craving. Interestingly enough, it does also touch upon the concern of the person roleplaying as the mother. Ms. Mignon does a great job of resolving the personal conflict and making this a steamy selection.

Last but not least, HOT DESERT NIGHTS by Dawn McKay is a treat. Fans of military themes will enjoy these women of combat. A strong woman who knows how to use guns - now that is sexy and features in quite a few of my fantasies. Ms. McKay does it justice with two female soldiers oil up for some sweet loving.

This collection of erotic tales is recommended for f/f readers who want a bit of spice and inspiration in their sex lives.

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F/f isn't usually in my Top Five Go To categories, but this sounds like a good one to pick up. I think it needs to go on my TBR. Good thing I got a new one shelf.

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