Review: Absolute Will

Absolute Will
Absolute Will by Robin Tremly

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Two females getting it on is a guy's wet dream, isn't it? What happens when the girlfriend's boyfriend takes exception to this unauthorized frolicking f/f fete? Not good things if the boyfriend also happens to be her Master.

The concept of this story is steamy hawt. Faith gets down on Grace and is caught by Grace's male lover, William. Since Grace and William are in a M/s relationship and Grace repeatedly resists pussy licking, this little "episode" does not go over well. William decides to teach Grace and Faith a lesson with a harsh and humiliating punishment. Then he entices Faith to the dark side - the depraved kinky submission which she secretly craves.

The BDSM sex scenes in this tale follow the popular fantasies found on free BDSM story websites such as Literotica. These are favourites because they are dirty hot spank bank material due to the humiliation, control and multiple partners. The watersports and edging are tasty morsels.

As a first book by Ms. Trembly, it's a good start. She gets the fantasy. Her execution of the story needs a bit of work. First, switching points of view between four people, one of them a minor character in one scene is not recommended. Pick one character and stick to that person. If there must be multiple perspectives, at least separate through different chapters. Changing from one to another in a few paragraphs is sloppy and distracting.

Second, fix the dialog. Stuttering in a character's dialog should be used sparingly. With Faith incessantly stammering her answers to William, it became more aggravating than endearing. The reader already knows Faith is nervous and questioning her decision to dive into this kinky world. Another recommendation is to drop the porn-type discourse between the characters. It came across as cheesy porn flick.

Third, the entire interaction between the characters came across as an online roleplaying between a person just learning about BDSM and a want to be dominant giving her instructions. I'm not saying that what is portrayed in this story is inaccurate. In fact, I find it to be very accurate of online kinky relationships where the "dominant" sends emails, instant message or text messages to the desperately seeking submissive. The so called commands appear corny and best left between the online players. Revealing it to the outside world would only earn them eye rolls. It's kind of embarrassing to witness - not too dissimilar from watching two virgins fumbling their way through their first time. This is not sexy nor arousing.

My recommendation is to focus on either character or plot development. Since this is an erotic genre, perhaps spend time on the character development first. Taking a Faith on a hedonistic fuckfest from Vanilla to bratty slave did not endear Faith to the reader. There weren't any attributes which were engaging or admirable. It's hard to connect to her. If the sex scenes were better written in a smooth yet gritty erotic manner, this story would have rated higher. It would have been at least a lewd enjoyable porn without a plot.

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