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Blackest Nights
Blackest Nights by Cindy Jacks

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The Romance Review

Where is this munch where there are a surplus of male Dominants? And what newbie to the munch is left alone without the coordinator shepherding her around? Party foul. Now, I've been to only a few munches both accompanying a coordinator or by myself. Never have I been accosted with the following questions within moments of my arrival.

    "Are you here to meet anyone specific?"
    "Is this really your first munch?"
    "What kind of play are you interested in?"
    "Dom, sub or switch?" (p. 5)

This is not to say this couldn't happen at a munch. It would just be very irregular and defeat the purpose of a munch out in public to help ease someone into the lifestyle. Then again, it could be a focused bottom or Top munch where this could happen. I tend to avoid those munches.

Back to the story at hand, a lot of what is portrayed in this story is fantasy make believe. If one were to use this as a guide of what would happen when going to a BDSM munch and getting into the lifestyle, it would be a severe disappointment. Most munches and those in the lifestyle are filled with regular people making mediocre salaries. And, very rarely do I spy upon a physically fit, handsome man. Instead, the people are average people who lean towards the geeky side. The last munch I attended was spent discussing roleplaying board games and video games like Borderlands 2.

From a fantasy perspective, this book is pretty hawt. Ms. Jacks does a good job of packaging desires, wants and sexual submission into an explosive erotic journey. Georgia aka "Red" meets the dominant of her dreams and they go for a fast wild ride. From light spanking to breathplay and public exhibition in a mere few days is pretty crazy. When two people mesh, this could happen.

The actual BDSM scenes are fairly accurate and a delight to experience. While the Dom, Black, is a bit heavy handed and his rules are a bit different than most in these slew of BDSM books, it's not out of the ordinary from a lifestyle perspective. The fact that he is a wealthy photographer who buys a Monte Blanc pen and laptop for his new little sex slave playmate is a bit of a stretch. Still, if a Sugar Daddy wants to shower gifts after smexy sex scenes, I'm not going to argue. Graciously accept the gifts and thank him! Being a kept woman isn't all that bad.

There is one phrase in this story which should be noted and remembered: "enforced availability". This is a hot situation I've been practicing for years yet never knew there was a term for it. Essentially, the submissive will be available to their Dominant for any type of sexual gratification whenever the Dominant wants.

This kinky romance is recommended for romance lovers who want the rich BDSM fantasy male dominant.


      Blackest Nights


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