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Disciplinary Measures
Disciplinary Measures by Cara Bristol

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A loving husband who disciplines his wife with spankings and anal sex, how can this go wrong? It's all about domestic discipline which I adore reading.

Linc Ellison is a successful man who loves his wife Regina. He's not making that much money where they can afford a child if Regina stops working. Honestly, most architects make very little, so this is no surprise. Regina is a juvenile thirty year old with poor impulse control. At thirty, she still can't control her wild spending. It makes the reader wonder if she really wants a baby or just says she does. Because if she really wanted a baby, she wouldn't sabotage her marriage with placing them in financial distress with her frivolous spending every single month.

Here's my issue with Ms. Bristol's fourth story in this series. The formula for domestic discipline hasn't changed too much - in each, the woman is quite flawed with petty juvenile behavior. Regina's issue is not too different than Melania's from Unexpected Consequences. She spends money on material items irrationally and then lies about it. Top three reasons why couples divorce: financial issues, sexual incompatibility and child raising differences.

With Regina, unless she matures, the future of this marriage is looking grim. At a drop of a hat, she recklessly spends money when she feels depressed or wronged. That's strike one. While she seems to be okay with the erotic kinky spankings and anal probing, as soon as she squirts out the baby, her tune will change. It will be something like, "I'm a parent now. I shouldn't be spanked like a child." The reader has already seen this foreshadowed by her current complaints against this lifestyle. That is strike two. The last strike, based on Regina's lack of discipline and her instant gratification mentality, it's easy to see her undermining Linc's discipline of the children. Linc, divorce her. She's not worth it.

While the anal sex is good and the spanking is delicious, the female character is a complete turn off. It makes the story hard to enjoy when the female is portrayed in such a shallow manner. Linc is the martyr who's suffering his wife's immaturity. For an author who is big on strong, independent women who also enjoys a domestic discipline marriage, so far the females are riddled with character flaws. None of them would be women I'd recommend as a role model. They would be examples of childish adults and their actions are examples of what not to do.

What I would like to see is a strong accomplished female without such simple materialistic flaws ask a man to join her in a domestic discipline marriage. Perhaps this woman is too critical because of her high-powered job. She needs a man to help ground her and keep her human. Or maybe this woman is too stubborn and judgmental and needs a man to help smooth out her rough edges. This exchange of power is attractive and would be a fresh look at how a domestic discipline marriage could come into existence.

I have full faith in Ms. Bristol when it comes to writing erotic spankings and arousing punishments. Her male characters are scrumptious. Now, if the females would be a little less irrational and irresponsible, it would help. This story is for kinky readers who enjoy a light domestic discipline tale.



      Disciplinary Measures (Rod and Cane Society, #4)



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