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Finding Master Right
Finding Master Right by L.A. Witt

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Friends to lovers is so good when it morphs into a beautiful D/s relationship. Chase is a heartbroken Dom attending a leather convention with his good friend Derek. Derek is a masochist who's kink match Chase's perfectly. Why wouldn't they get their kink on together now that they are both single and available? The phrase, "it's complicated" completely describes this relationship.

This is a classic example of how a D/s relationship can go so wrong. Instead of telling us the keys to a D/s relationship are communication and trust, Ms. Witt shows us over and over again in high definition. Absolutely fantastic! There are many a times the reader will want to smack both Derek and Chase upside the head. Or maybe even clunk their heads together to knock a bit of sense into them. Be forewarned, a reader may experience episodes of uncontrollable yelling at the characters when they misunderstand each other.

While this may be extremely frustrating because the reader can see from both points of view, how many times do these scenarios occur in real life? Frequently! Ms. Witt does an excellent job of showing how the characters feel yet not understand exactly why they feel the way they do. When Derek comes to a realization, it suddenly becomes so clear. The same goes for Chase. A series of unfortunate misunderstandings and perceived slights makes them behave in plausible manners. This helps build depth to the characters and they become more engaging to the reader. How many times have we felt similarly in the same situations?

The BDSM scenes in this story are fabulous. Ms. Witt infuses the scenes with erotic images as well as subtle power exchange. I love D/s. It's my favourite part of BDSM. To see D/s laid bare for everyone to see, it touched me and makes me yearn for more D/s in real life. The descriptions of a fetish convention is how I imagined and I can't wait to attend my first one next year. The co-domming ménage of Derek caused me to pant with excitement. What pain loving submissive wouldn’t be drooling at a chance to some of this erotic sexfest?

This kinky m/m romance is recommended to those who love SM with their D/s.

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      Finding Master Right


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