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Fissures by D.J. Manly

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Trying to prevent a bloody war in Spectrum, Pascal is working hard to bring the werewolves and vampires into an agreement. It's a losing battle as the vampires would like nothing better than to have the streets flowing with human blood. Honestly, based on how the humans behave in Spectrum, let the humans die. The humans are judgmental and press their crazy rules upon the vampires and werewolves who were in Spectrum first. Humans are the intruders. Still, Pascal is in love with London, a human. Pascal will do anything to protect London. Unfortunately, Pascal's enemies know this all too well.

In this latest installment, it's brutally fast with punches to the gut. Pascal loses so much. The conflicts in the story unfold at lightning speed and resolve just as quick. The tale felt rushed as the reader is dragged through Pascal's nightmare. He goes through loss, anguish, fury, regret, more heartbreak, debilitating agony and finally dwindling pain. This tale is of torment and loss; there is no happy ending.

It does make a reader wonder at the underlying message from D.J. Manly. Is there a darker meaning? The mixed couples between humans and vampires or humans and werewolves can easily parallel interracial couples. The discrimination they face over the centuries and across countries is not too dissimilar to how it's portrayed in the book. In fact, in reality, it is more brutal with the "ethnic cleansings". Perhaps by substituting humans with supernatural, it makes it more understandable. It also shows how ludicrous it is for this kind of hatred. D.J. Manly always writes stories with characters and situations that make a reader think. There doesn't ever seem to be any happily ever after, only happily for now. This angst filled m/m romance is recommended for paranormal lovers.

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