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Hers to Command
Hers to Command by Patricia A. Knight

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Force field grid powered by crystals which require sexual energy, where is this planet? Is it possible to check to see if I have the required DNA? I would hope that I do because I'd be happy to go through the seven years of training to be subjected to high magic.  Ms. Knight is a new to me author who I will be following closely. She creates a sexually charged world with a science fiction fantasy background. When my favourite genre of science fiction is mixed with steamy BDSM, I'm completely enthralled.

The plot contains a bit of suspense and good conflict. It's a familiar trope and easy to follow. The characters Ari, Fleur and Doral are engaging and sexy. Their chemistry together is flaming hot and so good to experience.

What really sold me on this book is the erotic sex with amazing edging. I loved the BDSM elements with submission through obedience and orgasm control. Ms. Knight writes smoking hawt ménage sex. Ari is so sexy with his commands. His method of sexual torment as well as his control will make any submissive want to drop straight to their knees. There are so many delightful scenes in this story. There are also good interludes to move the plot forward. It's a nice balance between sex and plot. One of my favourite scenes is Fleur forcing Ari to have sex with her. Ari resists and ends up with a week of constant blow jobs with no orgasm. How does a man function with a hard-on all the time? It boggles the mind. The devilish kinky tortures as well as suggestive suffering under the lashes of a demanding dominatrix keeps the reader's arousal humming. This entire book is super charged erotic.

What I like about the characters is that each of them are unique. They are different pieces which combine to make the perfect kinky triad. Their strengths are different which helps them become a stronger set. They are also loving and loyal of each other. Their protective and possessive traits come to the forefront when they dole out their vengeance. Making sure their enemies pay in a horrific way makes me purr with satisfaction. I like the way Ms. Knight devious mind comes up with suitable nasty punishments. This science fiction erotica is highly recommended to kinky ménage lovers who like their sex with an edge.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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I have this on my TBR. Want!
I will be reading the next two after this one. :)

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