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Ridin' RedRidin' Red by Nikki Prince

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Holy smoking erotic fairy tale retold! RIDIN' RED may imply the famous Little Red Riding Hood, but it is much more than just a little girl eaten by a wolf. In this version, it's a blend of Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. The title is aptly named with Red being ridden hard and long.

Ms. Prince is a new to me author and this will be the first of many books I will read of hers. Her story is fast-paced, smooth and steaming erotic. Anastasia Trumane aka Red is the younger stepsister of Cinda and she's doing a bit of growing up. Her newfound maturity sets her up to reunite with the Dom who left her. Lucien Wolf slammed the door in her face with no reason a year ago, but now he wants back in her life. This time, Red may not be such a willing submissive.

The clever combination of paranormal werewolves with a ménage into an erotic sizzling story is delightful. The play on Little Red Riding's dialog with the "big bad wolf" in this tale between Red, Lucian and Bruno is devilishly depraved. It makes a reader wonder if there was some kinky subtext to the original Little Red Riding Hood and Ms. Prince is correctly interpreting it for the reader's sexual gratification.

The characters are not too complex, yet they are endearing. The two men are easily alpha with their wolfish traits. They are designed with a couple of flaws which makes them more appealing. Red is far from perfect and yet she's a character who is most engaging. In just a short time, Ms. Prince clearly shows Red's growth and it's a pleasure. Ms. Prince also sets the reader up for hopefully a fourth story which should involve in some hawt F/f domination.

This erotic paranormal fairy tale is recommended to kinky ménage lovers.



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Menage lovers? *raises hand* That's me!

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