Review: Seeing the Edge

Seeing the Edge
Seeing the Edge by Kristiene Gray

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Inheriting a business is awesome when it's an edgy BDSM sex club! Veronica "Vee" is gifted "The Edge" by her favourite relative, Aunt Roni. Aunt Roni leads Vee down the rabbit hole as she's exposed to sex, glorious sex! Where is this club and how do I sign up for membership? How much does it cost? Is it even profitable? How is it possible for it to legally run? Then again it is located in New Orleans, the den of hedonistic depravity.

The plot is simplistic. The characters are so-so. The sex on the other hand is smoking hawt! Ms. Gray pens steamy sex scenes one after another. There is anal, exhibition, fisting, watersports, dub-con m/m anal screwing just to name a few. It's highly arousing and I can recommend this book for some great sexy scenarios. If you want material for your spank bank, this book fits the bill.

I'm not sure if this was originally several smaller stories combined into one book or not. What I found annoying was the repetition of information. At least three times it was mentioned how much Vee and Roni looked like sisters instead of aunt and niece. I got it the first time, repeating it doesn't make it better. There were several pieces of information recapped in a manner which is distracting. It's one thing if the chapters where in different books published months or years apart. For a reader who reads it all at one sitting, it's a redundancy best removed.

This tale is more of an exploration on the wild sex. It's Vee's maiden voyage and quite eye opening. It's a lovely bit of fantasy. This smoking hot erotica is recommended for those who enjoy are sorts of kinks.

*Provided to me by the BDSM group by an author through their R2R

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