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Tear You ApartTear You Apart by Megan Hart

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For all too realistic relationships gone sour, Ms. Hart is the Mistress of painful heartaches and love disintegrated.  This latest contemporary romance once again causes emotional turmoil for both the protagonist and the reader.  Elisabeth is a wife who's children are now almost out of college.  Prior to her returning back to work, she spent her life raising two girls and faithfully performing her duty as a housewife.  She consistently demonstrated her devotion through numerous acts of service.  Greeting her husband at the door when he came home and providing a dinner were all within her language of love.  Unfortunately, her husband took it all for granted and sees her as no more than a servant.

This is a very common scenario in real life.  Ms. Hart shines a harsh light on the realities of a marriage left unattended.  I've known too many friends who's long lasting marriage follows the same path as Elisabeth's.  It all comes down to a similar theme - thirst.  When a couple is no longer mutually quenching the thirst of each other, they will find someone else to satisfy their need.

"I was thirsty," I tell him.  "And you gave me something to drink." (location 1622) 

This is what Elisabeth explains to Will when he questions her infidelity.  Will is the man who excites her and brings passion back into her life.  He desires her and paints colour to combat the dull grayness of her monotonous existence.  Perhaps it's his artist skill which appeals to Elisabeth.

The erotic tension and sexiness is very hot as expected from Ms. Hart.  She shows a different perspective from the eyes of the betrayer.  Yet it is hard for the reader to fault Elisabeth.  I'm not fond of cheating stories.  Had I known this story involved infidelity, I would have not picked it up.  However, the way Ms. Hart presents it, it makes sense and one cannot help but feel pity for Elisabeth.  This entire situation also invokes feeling of sorrow and longing rather than anger and disgust. 

Classic Ms. Hart, she gives the reader a glimpse of the ending.  "Love is always real, even when it doesn't last. (location 2258)  After all the soul searching, this story ends in a bittersweet hope.  The tale of Elisabeth and Will is unresolved.  The reader is left to guess the final outcome.  This erotic romance is recommended to lovers who feel taken for granted.

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