Review: Temporary Mark

Temporary Mark
Temporary Mark by Kim Dare

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a 3.5 star for me. The Romance Review

A damaged submissive taken in by a reluctant Dom is a surprisingly uplifting theme.

In TEMPORARY MARK, Mark picks one bad Dom after another. He comes across as an abused puppy who flinches at any sudden movements. This causes the reader to want to protect and reassure Mark. When he's kicked out by his latest wanna-be Dom, his friends intervene and foster him upon Edward Nolan. Edward is a Dom without a sub and not looking to replace his last one.

This story is a sweet one involving two men who need healing. Both of them are missing something that only the other can provide. Ms. Dare does a great job of showing how easy it is to misinterpret another one's intention. She then expands on how a good Dom will require open and honest communication. Neither Dom nor sub is supposed to be a mind reader. It's nice to see a Dom and sub not knowing exactly how to behave. This is a good example of a new relationship starting, for even those who have been in the lifestyle for a while. The way both of them have to adjust to each other and even when a scene is ruined, they are able to discuss and overcome their differences.

This is a romantic story with a white knight saving the damsel in distress. Ms. Dare delivers a tight story with loveable characters. This story is recommended for kinky m/m readers who enjoy a slightly battered white knight to the rescue theme.

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