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Temptation by Lee Brazil

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Solomon and Adonis are sexy rich men who are a power couple. Being the third in this sexy partnership is any man's dream. Lake Wynters is the privileged man invited into their lives. This ménage can be so sexy and arousing. Unfortunately, Lake is a constant self-saboteur.

This story is mixed for me. I am a fan of Mr. Brazil. His characters are very real and generally pretty admirable. This is the first time I've read a book where his character is shallow, vain and neurotic. Lake is a model who wears make up and heels. He's not a transvestite. He just tries to keep his looks edgy and loves his modelling job. What does he have going for him? Mr. Brazil paints a rather disappointing portrait of a young hot man who will amount to nothing once his looks fade.

Still, the writing is smooth and tight. The crazy drama queen antics thrown by Lake is amusing. It's like watching a child pitch temper tantrums during Christmas when they don't get the gift they want. Are there really people like this in the world? If so, then Mr. Brazil did an excellent job of capturing their pettiness and presenting it in a hilarious manner. This m/m romance is recommended for ménage lovers who find amusement in drama queens.






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Sarah Kat said…
I'm not usually a fan of male authors, but this looks good!

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