Review: To Wed A Werewolf

To Wed A Werewolf
To Wed A Werewolf by Kryssie Fortune

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Kidnapped, sexually tormented and attacked by anaconda vines, how does innocent Sylvie survive this day?

Sylvie is a half-fae princess doing her best to keep her half-brother, King of the Fae, from declaring war on the Lykae. Sylvie is betrothed to Giles, a slimy self-centered stupid beta werewolf. When Sylvie tries to stop the wedding or at least reason with Giles, she is constantly blocked by a huge yet handsome werewolf, Caleb the Cold, King of the Lykae.

From the start of this story, it's humourous and wacky. Ms. Fortune possesses a good sense of humour which she infuses into this book. Her characters are a bit drama-ridden yet still endearing. Sylvie is a bit self-effacing due to her low self-esteem. Usually these types of females are abhorrent to me. This is because they are whiny and always going "boo hoo hoo". Sylvie may have some self-confidence issues, but her heart is true. She fights for the greater good and her heart is soft for even someone who treated her shabbily. It does make a reader wonder if she's an ideal candidate for abused wives.

Caleb is the stubborn male who can't imagine being wrong. He's the shoot first and then ask questions later guy. This is pretty funny in the story because he royally screws himself and still comes out ahead. It boggles the mind how Ms. Fortune gives a hot headed guy like Caleb a clean slate.

The sex in this story is teasingly titillating and plays on the capture seduction fantasies. The hint of edging is great to keep both the characters and reader sexually frustrated as the erotic tension increases. When it is finally consummated, it's a relief. Amidst all this tomfoolery, a group of monster-hating humans breaks into the party and all hell breaks loose. It does make it seem as if there will be a follow up to this book if not an entire series. It would be interesting to learn more about this human hate group as well as see what happens with Sylvie and Caleb.

This paranormal romance is recommended to erotic readers who like a bit suspense with their campy sexy romances.



      To Wed A Werewolf



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