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Together in Cyn
Together in Cyn by Jennifer Kacey

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Confessing dirty secret fantasies to a diary should be safe. That is, unless the diary is purloined by the object of your desires.

Cyn lusts after her best friends Jared and Chris. She sacrifices finding a real job just to stay near them even if they ignore her lustful flirtation. Finally giving up, she decides to move on. Twins Jared and Chris are afraid of frightening Cyn with their real business, an exclusive high-end BDSM club. When they get their hands on her diary and read her fantasies, it allows them to break through their restraint and go after her.

This is a good start for Ms. Kacey's first book. The sex scenes are hot and nicely set up. With rich men and high-end private club stocked with fetish wear included in the membership dues, this is definitely classified as GlitterKink. The surprise sexual combination is a gratifying f/f scene. Definitely a bratty sub is in residence. If Cyn hangs around the twin's costume designer, Jenna, she may end up with some bad habits.

The two male lovers are hawt and desirable. What's not to like? They are rich, young and kinky. They are also nice men who want to fulfill Cyn's every sexual fantasy. How can a woman go wrong shacking up with them? Even their perceived "flaw" is not really a flaw. They are perfect lovers. Cyn is a cute, if down on her luck, gal. She's the girl next door who's easy to like, even her humorous jealous fits.

This story did feel a bit rushed and at times information of the character's past felt forced in. Still, the roleplaying and the club really carry the tale. Naming the private club "The Library" with library cards is clever. The club is a fetish fantasy playground. The private rooms and specifically the closet filled with sexy accoutrement is marvelous. For the next book, it would be interesting to see more character growth through a power exchange rather than fancy equipment or expensive accessories. Delving deeper into the erotic nature between a submissive and a Dom/me through active interactions would help enrich a story and add complexity. Perhaps the next story will feature bratty Jenna tamed by a strong and understanding Dom/me.

This debut kinky contemporary romance is recommended for ménage lovers who love their GlitterKink.



      Together in Cyn



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