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Unleashed by Erica Chilson

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Holy mind fuck, Batman! This one is definitely one I thoroughly enjoyed. I can definitely see the Flowers in the Attic V.C. Andrews influence on Ms. Chilson. This continuation of Katya's BDSM journey is awesome.

Katya is now in the arms of her lovers. Her daughter is no longer a secret and Katya is learning more about BDSM. She's exploring her Domme side. She's learning how a submissive behaves as well as how to be a good Mistress from Dexter. While this is going on, her rapist, Ray Hunter is let out of prison. Ezra goes off the reservation in protective mode when he finds out.

The BDSM and erotic scenes are smoking hot! I'm aroused by all the rough body play and possessive markings. The biting which involves some blood play is a complete turn on. The sexual tension is some of the best I've ever read. I'm instantly aroused and kept at a heightened state of lust. Ms. Chilson mixes in primal behavious in a sexy manner without the need of paranormal shifters or parahumans. She then adds in twisted family connections which are reminiscent of another much loved series - Flowers in the Attic. The amount of dominance exuding from this book makes me whimper and want to go straight down on my knees.

My domme switch side would never be flipped in the presences of these Mistress and Master of Restraint. I just want to submit to each of them. I don't need to be part of their family. I just want to be their toy. The Master of them all total rocks my boat. His favourite fetish is definitely something I can get into. Not only that, but I am actually in the category which makes me a bit more appealing to his preferred prey.

While this story does contain quite a bit of mentally unstable people as well as questionable behaviours, it's still a riveting read. I can see now why so many people are raving about this series. The erotic tension and testosterone overload makes any submissive weak in the knees. I want to read all of these stories. It's great to read a series from the point of view of the dominants instead of the submissive. Highly recommended for kinky readers who want to be arouse from cover to cover.

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      Unleashed (Mistress & Master of Restraint, #2)


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I have Restraint. I need to read it soon. ;)
Honestly I don't know why I waited so long to read it.
For me, it's a matter of books versus time. *sigh*

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