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Uprising by Dawn Jayne

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This is truly a riveting book. I am mixed about books with Angels in them because I've been brought up with a Christian background. It's very difficult for me to read Angel books because inevitably, the author will use only a slightly bastardized Angel mythology. With the slight changes used, the Angels and storyline becomes too blasphemous for me and I become uncomfortable and hate the book. I guess we are the products of our upbringing and experiences.

There are very few authors who write Angels in a completely different perspective. I can name the authors on one hand which I not only tolerated but also enjoyed. Ms. Jayne is now added to this very small list. The problem with Angel themed books for me, such as Ms. Jayne's story is two folds. It makes me think as well as fear retribution from God for all my sins which I commit frequently on a daily basis despite my best intentions. It does not make me question my faith. Instead, it forces to re-examine myself and I find myself quite lacking.

The underlying theme in this story is about redemption. At least, this is how it comes across to me. While Ms. Jayne mixes in Buddhist reincarnation into this story and completely side steps the grace from the sacrifice of our Lord, it makes the story work. The world she is building is quite fascinating. I don't fully understand how Lucifer works in this story and I'm a bit baffled by the great "Architect". The whole ascending to be an angel is interesting. What I find most riveting is that these Angels are not perfect beings. They also seem to be able to have free will which is odd to me. Because in my world, Angels who take free will are the fallen. Yet all these little difference is what makes this story good and thoroughly enjoyable.

Ms. Jayne's writing voice is strong and consistent. She builds her characters carefully with multiple layers. A few of the reveals caught me completely off guard and I should have figured it out. Her subtly is applied with laser precision in how her characters relate. The start of the story is rather aggravating and before the reader knows, they are pulled into this web of intrigue. This is a page turning book with a fitting conclusion. It leaves the reader demanding to know what is next while at the same time satisfyingly answering most of the questions raised. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to those who enjoy the battle of resisting temptation.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review



      Uprising (Fires of Providence, #1)


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I like books with angels. I might have to check this one out.

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