Review: Waking Beauty

Waking Beauty
Waking Beauty by Nikki Prince

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sleep Beauty is finally ready for her sexual awakening! A 100 month sexual dry spell is a terrible punishment which causes me to shudder in fear. Aurora is overworked, stressed and in need desperate of an orgasm. Not just any orgasm. This orgasm needs to be at the hands of a man, not from her own stroking. Masturbating is just not cutting it. An explosive orgasm from the hands of a talented male is exactly what the doctor ordered.

This short fairy tale retold is kinky fun. Ms. Prince does a decent job on Aurora and her prince. The sex is erotic and light. The conflict is odd. The conflict while understandable seems to be too easily resolved. In fact, the resolution didn't make much sense to me. I'm not sure what is different this time versus eight years ago. What is it about Felipe which makes Aurora change her mind? How has Felipe proved he will stay true? How is Aurora reassured her fears will not come to fruition? This story ended quickly with too easily glossed over and forced conclusion. Still, it's a sweet romance for kinky readers desiring a happily ever after.

If Ms. Prince continues with these fairy tale retold stories, it would be nice to see them kicked up a notch in kinkiness. In addition, if the conflicts are a bit harder to resolve, it would make the story better. A little more character development similar to Ridin' Red would be lovely. This HEA kinky romance is for those who enjoy erotic fairy tales.

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      Waking Beauty


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