Review: Yes, Sir

Yes, Sir
Yes, Sir by Ellis Carrington

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overworked and a control freak, Grayson Harper is finally taking a well deserved vacation with his two high school friends. New Orleans is as good a place as any. It's a city of good food and magic. This is, if he believed in Voodoo. Scoffing, he goes at the behest of his friend.

Grayson's fortune telling with a Voodoo priestess (do they even do fortunes?) is not as expected. Immediately afterwards, his nightly dreams are filled with erotic longing with a piercing blue eyed stranger. Each phantom visit cranks up the sexy heat and leaves him with embarrassing nocturnal emissions.

This story is well written and erotic. Ms. Carrington does a good job of building the tension. Her BDSM is light and enjoyable. It's a tiny taste of her talent. This story is a bit too short for me with several threads left hanging. Hope she expands on this story. Recommended for kinky m/m readers.

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      Yes, Sir


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I picked this up for free on Amazon. Another one I need to make time for.
It is a quick read. A nice little treat.

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