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Angel in Leather
Angel in Leather by Gwen Campbell

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The Romance Review

This is a must read ménage with a hot Domme. New-to-me author Gwen Campbell blows my socks off with ANGEL IN LEATHER. Rick and Malcolm are good friends who come as a package deal. They are both doctors who enjoy submission to a strong female. So far they have been striking out. The Dommes they scene with have caused physical damage. It's not easy finding a Domme when the submissives outnumber them. Going online isn't helping because it's the same old same old.

When a magical card with 1-800-DOM-HELP appears to Rick, he is suspicious. As a surgeon, Rick keeps his sexual proclivities discrete and no one other than Malcolm is privy to it. He is afraid it will impact his work. Plus, people may look at him sideways if it is known he loves having his ass spanked. Finally giving in, he makes the call. Best decision of his life. He meets Breanna, the perfect Domme for him.

Ms. Campbell is an amazing writer with great knowledge about BDSM. She is either in the lifestyle or she is very thorough in her research. This is an excellent view into the BDSM lifestyle, especially for those who are interested in starting up. Ms. Campbell pays close attention to detail with mentoring a new couple on how to start out getting kinky. There is one scene which is very good at explaining how to begin a scene and connect with a submissive too. It's pretty impressive and one of the best I've seen for beginner BDSM education through both actions and dialogue.

The BDSM scenes in this story are awesome. Ms. Campbell shows the difference between a bottom and submissive so well. She also demonstrates how people have different kinks and finding one that matches up is possible with patience, questions and observations. Rick is the submissive in this story who needs the D/s and connection. Malcolm is a "painslut" who loves the SM and sometimes goes a bit too far. Still, safety is paramount and consistently exhibited in every scene.

What is nice about this story is the fact that the BDSM club is a bit more plausible than many others being described. Ms. Campbell shows that just because people are in the lifestyle and in a private club, it doesn't mean everything is perfect. She shows the good, the bad and the ugly. This helps round out the book and makes it more believable and engaging. She creates characters who respond in an authentic manner. Her club is the ideal and what many real clubs hope and strive to be. These real clubs experience the same setbacks as what happened in this story. What is nice, is showing how people move forward and how a responsible board for a BDSM club will behave.

This is definitely a book on my top ten recommended list for excellent BDSM and femdom. This book is highly recommended to femdom kinksters who enjoy D/s, SM and a bit of ménage.



      Angel in Leather (1-800-DOM-help)



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Want! *stamps booted foot* ;)
Heheh - you are a Domme. I expect some nice leather boots on your feet.
I'm only 5'2" but my feet are not dainty at size 9. So stomping boots really make a lot of noise. lol

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