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Back in Bliss
Back in Bliss by Sophie Oak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you're the best

Is it a bit creepy that I feel this way about an author? Perhaps. Ms. Oak pulls me out of another reading funk. I really loved this story. I've been waiting to see how Logan survives horrendous torture by Russian mafia and moves on. The sweet boy went from gently cruising through life to crash and burn. And boy did he burn - drinking, whoring, drugs...I felt badly for Logan. How does a person recover from three hours of bodily torture through beatings, burns, staples, slicing and... I never figured it out. Did he get reamed in the ass repeatedly? It's possible. It wasn't exactly clear to me.

In this book, we finally meet Logan's "brother in arms", Seth. Seth is like Julian and Stef. Where do all these alpha males come from? I swear, one of the reasons why I love Ms. Oak's stories so much is because of her well written males. I admit it. They are a fantasy. Of course they aren't perfect, but dayum, they are men - back to the days when men were men. None of this metero-emasculating shit.

Once again, Ms. Oak wows and moves me with her character development. I teared up several times as we learn more about Georgia and Logan. Seth was very clearly a secondary character here. I felt badly for the shit happening to both characters. But without these experiences, they wouldn't have grown and we can see how both characters grew up and it's a treat. I love it. Ms. Oak once again creates this sense of family which is so bloody appealing. Another beautifully erotic tale penned by the talented Ms. Oak.

The BDSM in this story is light, as expected for a Bliss story. It's sweet. The menage is well done as always. This story is highly recommended to kinky menage lovers who enjoy a bit of angst.



      Back in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado, #9)



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