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Bad Girl Good
Bad Girl Good by Sadey Quinn

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Friends become lovers with an added domestic discipline dimension - it's a must read! In BAD GIRL GOOD, Chloe is the proverbial friend who is always scatterbrained. In fact, Chloe resembles my youngest sister quite a bit. Maybe we need to find a man like Todd to help my sister! Todd is the housemate of Chloe's best friend, Alex. Chloe and Todd have known each other for years. While attracted to each other, they never actioned upon it.

Todd is an "old fashion" kind of guy. He is the one in control and he wields it with determination. Todd is a character I can relate to and understand. I have the same exact tendencies with the exception of doling out domestic discipline. I'd rather be on the receiving end, especially if it results in some rear end reaming!

This spanking theme is quite popular right now amongst many female readers. I'm not going to go into the debate about feminism contradicting this type of relationship. I will however propose the reason why it is so popular is because of the current overabundance of sensitive new age guys in the western society. It's not that women are looking for arrogant cocky assholes. It's that women are looking for a decisive man who loves the woman enough to protect her from herself while not caging her up. Just as the women want to be independent yet supportive of a strong male. It's a give and take. This is what makes domestic discipline books appealing for many. Ms. Quinn's tale does a great job of demonstrating this relationship. It's not a rosy picture. There are ups and downs. Like any relationship, it takes effort and communication. Chloe and Todd's is a bumpy start which transforms into a good ride.

The writing is smooth as Ms. Quinn takes the reader on a journey from Chloe's point of view. She's frustrated and angry at herself. This makes her take it out on others. It's a typical blaming game with self-delusional justifications. Her uneasy submission to spankings and anal penetration are amusing. At least for a reader who is already aroused and turned on by spankings, it is humourous. For someone new to this lifestyle, her reactions are spot on. Ms. Quinn even shows how not all discipline is in the form of impact punishment. She creatively applies a bit of chemical punishment which is spicy hot.

This spanking short story is recommended to domestic discipline lovers. Todd is a keeper!

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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sadey quinn said…
Love all your reviews and thoughts. Thanks for reading!
This sounds like one I'd enjoy. :)

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