Review: Bound as the World Burns

Bound as the World Burns
Bound as the World Burns by J.E. Keep

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sting (Kink) Rating: ★✰✰✰✰
Story Review Rating: 2 Paddles

The world is in chaos and Cassidy could not be more unprepared. She is an eighteen year old who has nothing going for her except her virginity and sweet demeanor. She sheltered and timid as she is left behind in a bomb shelter.

This world building is very sketchy. With Cassidy stuck in an isolated location, there is little information about what happened. There is no information about what exactly is hunting outside or causing metal bending scrapes on the bunker doors. This leaves the story feeling unfinished. The ending of the book isn't an ending, it merely a cut-off thought. It's a bit frustrating because it leads the reader to think perhaps there is more. If this is a serial story, it would make sense. If this is a standalone, then the story review rating may need to drop another star. This lack of conclusion in a tale is annoying.

With the word "bound" in the title, it suggests hot BD. There is none. The sex in here is sweet with a little dirty talking. Well, it is light dirty talking but considering Cassidy is a virgin, it may be intense for her. There is a little blindfolding but that's about it. The sex is pretty tame.

The story flowed with little conflict and minor character development. The black guy, Leon seems to be handy and protective. He's romantic and sweet. He comes across as a good guy to take care of clueless Cassidy. It's a good deal for him since he now has full access to the tight unused pussy. This short story is for those enjoy interracial romances between a black stud and a white innocent virgin.

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5 stars – The BDSM sex scenes are memorable and phenomenal.
4 stars – The BDSM scenes are done very well.
3 stars – The BDSM scenes are mediocre. May or may not contain some minor flaws.
2 stars – The BDSM were light and just kinky.
1 star – Where was the BDSM scenes? Non-existent

5 paddles - Gripping and un-putdownable. Has a place on my keeper shelf. Great chance of re-reading.
4 paddles - Excellent. Highly enjoyable and well-written. But may not be keepers
3 paddles - Average. May or may not contain some minor flaws.
2 paddles - Contains major flaws and needs improvement.
1 paddle - Not enjoyable and wouldn't recommend.

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      Bound as the World Burns




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