Review: Bound by Night

Bound by Night
Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Vampire slaves and humans using vampires as experimental rats? What is going on? In this new series by Ms. Ione, humans are vile filthy monsters. What they do to vampires is inhumane. I don't understand the gelding of male vampires. What is the purpose of this? Nicole loosing her parents to a vampire uprising is justice in my book. Kill them all. Nicole Martin is the CEO of Daedalus. They are the largest company with providing vampires and medicine based on vampire experimentation.

The world Ms. Ione builds is different than many vampire mythology. She incorporates a bit of Native American lore. It's intriguing and only lightly touched upon. For the most part, this book showcased the evils of humans. It is both disheartening and depressing.

The characters in this story are okay. Nicole is a female lead I can get behind. I liked her. She starts out a bit naive. As her eyes open, she learns to roll with the punches. She's highly intelligent from a science perspective. From a political intrigue perspective, she's completely inadequate. Perhaps I'm jaded and cynical. I saw the betrayal and how events would unfold from a mile away. She does live in her ivory tower of research.

Riker is a typical alpha male vampire. He's stubborn and volatile. He didn't do much for me. He is fine as a mate for Nicole. In a few months, I won't even remember he existed. Hunter, the chief of the MoonBound Clan vampires is a different story. He's more intriguing. The epilogue of this story makes me want to read the next book. What happens to Hunter? Who does he choose? I know who I would choose, given a choice. This book is a quick read with very few surprises. Recommended for vampire romance lovers.

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      Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampires, #1)



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