Review: Bound for Disappointment: A Parody

Bound for Disappointment: A Parody
Bound for Disappointment: A Parody by Sheri Savill

My rating: unrated

Is this Mr. Bean meets BDSM erotica? In this story, it's a stick in the eye poking fun of BDSM writers, reviewers, lifestylers and fans. It shows the disgusting behaviours at an extreme which can be humourous. For me, it wasn't. I think it's because this kind of humour doesn't make me laugh. It isn't that this is tasteless. It's not that the hyperbole situations don't hold a kernel of truth in them. It's a petty mean factor which leaves me unamused.

I'm a huge fan of British comedy. The dry sense of humour mixed with sarcasm brings a twinkle to my eye. However, there is one British comedy in particular which always grates on me. This would be Mr. Bean. Is it funny? Yes, for many people. Can I see the humour in it? Yes, I definitely can. What I don't like about Mr. Bean is his ill will towards others. This is a personal preference. My mother happens to love Mr. Bean. She loves how he consistently screws other people up and ends up also tripping himself. I personally can't stand this kind of person. And this is why the book didn't work for me.

The main character Tara Febreze is the Mr. Bean of BDSM writers. She's the caricature of the "authors behaving badly" set. Sadly enough, she is pretty realistic to what I've seen. There are reviewer/reader in here who completely embody the raving raging reader on 'roids. These are actually pretty accurate to what I've seen in real life too. The one involved in the lifestyle with a wooden spoon? It's best if I leave that one untouched. So is this really a parody or the disappointing truth about the underbelly of writing, reviewing and the BDSM lifestyle?

Now vile characters aside, the writing is okay. My guess is Ms. Savill purposely broke some of the rules of good writing to make the point about a parody. Specifically the shouting all caps are distracting. The writing voice spewed vitriol consistently and constantly. There was no time of rest. It's a bit exhausting which is why a short story fit this style quite well. If this parody followed along the lines of Mike Meyers in Austin Powers, it would have made me giggle. This is because Mike Meyers includes the audience in on the "poking fun". It's a light hearted poking at oneself and everyone else in a campy manner. As I stated - personal preference. This book is recommended to readers who are Mr. Bean fans. Don't leave your wooden spoons unattended!

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      Bound for Disappointment: A Parody



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Can't stand Mr. Bean. Love Monty Python though. And Benny Hill. lol
I LOVE Monty Python. And Benny Hill always made me laugh. My mom hated Benny Hill. My dad thought it was hilarious. As an adult, I now understand why my mom hated it for me to watch with my dad. I still like it. I guess I take after my dad.

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