Review: Cake

Cake by Lauren Dane

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Cake is utterly charming and deliciously sweet. Ms. Dane crafts yet another wonderful romance between a superstar and a common person. Gregori is a well-known artist while Wren is an art student. As many famous people's life become, Gregori's is filled with fast women, groupies and bad choices. Wren is a breath of fresh air.

The slow sensual dance between Wren and Gregori is as effervescent as the champagne they both enjoy. Ms. Dane incorporates sultry scenes to help Gregori's artistic block. Perhaps Wren is his muse and her sexual energy blasts through his walls. It does break through the walls he erected around his heart.

The conflict in this story could be the usual manipulative and exhausting game playing which induces boredom for readers. Instead, Ms. Dane opts for a mature move which will delight most readers. Wren is an independent modern woman. She knows what she wants and works to achieve it. This is never so clear as when she declares her love to the commitment shy Gregori.

"I have my own life and I want you in it. But you're not all of it. I don't need a man to live through. I just want one -- you -- to share it. I'm not always easy. But damn it, I'm worth it. And you are worth it." (Location 1073)

Ms. Dane once again creates a tightly woven romance story with engaging characters and smoldering heat. This is a 3.5 star book for me. Recommended for romance readers who love cake and want to eat it too.

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