Review: Cheeky Spanking Stories

Cheeky Spanking Stories
Cheeky Spanking Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Spanking is a delicious pastime which some people thoroughly enjoy. There are different ways to experience it as either a giver or receiver. In Cheeky Spanking Stories, Ms. Bussel brings together authors who know how to crank up the heat. Let no cheek remain untouched!

There are men disciplining women. There are men who earn their own rosy cheeks. There are women spanking women. It's not just some slapping. There is also a bit of tickle involved. The ones which I enjoyed the most are by J. Sinclaire, Elizabeth Silver and Maggie Morton.

In Echo by M. Sinclaire, a steamy scene is ignited first by spanking, then by hot sex. It's pretty daring for an office quickie in the stairways. This is an exhibitionist's choice of drug and a voyeour's fantasy come to life. The kink factor kicks it up a notch when it is revealed how the male and female work together. Who's the boss? M. Sinclaire's tight writing with a tantalizing twist at the end is so good.

In Bitch by Ms. Silver, it's a sultry piece of Femdom. Fan of a woman dominating a man, this one will satiate both the humiliation and cross dressing fetish. Ms. Silver shows a sadistic and slightly cruel dominatrix spanking the male to the height of pleasure. For some male readers, this tale can easily be kept as part of the spank bank. My favourite part of this story involves a bit of one of my favourite fetishes - figging! Ms. Silver also writes a smooth sexy story with a focused scene. From start to finish, it's a pleasure to read.

In The Impact of Change by Ms. Morton, it catches my eye because of the switch theme. This is the hottest one for me because it adds a third person and some smoking hot m/m. Between the intense paddling of the usual dominant male lover and the female getting eaten out at the same time, it's a dream come true. Now only if there were a bit of anal action between the men. Ms. Morton writes a hot sexy scene and makes the reader yearn for more.

Overall this entire collection is filled with sizzling spankings to satisfy many spankophiles. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy spankings no matter who is the receiver.

*I received this from the author for an honest review through the BDSM group's R2R

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