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Choices by Grace R. Duncan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

M/m kinksters who enjoy dub-con, this is a must read. Ms. Duncan is a new to me author. She's one I will be following. This book is a richly woven tale of sexual servitude, sexual slavery, love and court politics. Best friends Teman and Jasim used up all their luck. They are basically "re-possessors". This last item they tried to retrieve was a set up. It's never clear who set them up, but the results are nevertheless, constricting. They can go to the dungeon in iron chains or go to the harem in golden chains.

The sex in this story is hot. Those who enjoyed the Beauty Series by Anne Rice will enjoy the sexual training of Teman and Jasim. I'm never going to think of an anklet ringed with bells the same again. The behaviour modification is subversively depraved. Almost makes me want to find a couple of not so submissive humans, capture them and test out this theory. The CBT is delicious as well as the constant edging. The sadistic parts in this story isn't the "acceptable" BDSM yet I still enjoyed it. I liked the cruelty and the poor beaten male slaves. The King, Mukesh was a dastardly bastard.

This tale is more than just sex and more sex. There is a plot with a believable conflict as well as good character development. I like Teman and how he struggles with his captivity. He's living a better life than if he were working on the streets, yet he's a gypsy, used to packing up and leaving at a moment's notice. Will he survive living in a cage, no matter how luxurious? Teman is determined to escape yet his plans are changed when he meets Bathasar. Bathasar is the heir to the crazy sadistic Mukesh. He's different than his father. Bathasar falls for Teman. Their blooming romance is sweet and in constant threat from the Mukesh. This conflict is well done and did tug at my heart strings.

The world building for this story is just enough for a reader to gain perspective and a frame of reference. For those who know a little about Turk and China, it may make this story easier to assimilate. Even without this background, it's easy to understand and follow. Overall, I found this story silky smooth and riveting. I read it in one sitting. Recommended for kinky m/m dub-con romance lovers.

*I received this from the author for an honest review through the BDSM group's R2R






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I haven't read Anne Rice's Beauty books yet. I have the 1st one, dammit. I wish I could function on less than 8 hrs of sleep.

I'll be adding this one to the trusty TBR.
Glad I could help you add to your pile!

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