Review: Compromised

Compromised by Ethan Stone

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Ready for some prison gang rape fantasies? This tale is definitely not about prison m/m non-con sex nor is it about graphic heterosexual male rape. Don't despair, this story is great without either. It's not that kind of prison book despite the insinuating title.

Daniel "Kash" Kashaveroff is a corrections officer for a prison. He's a closet gay male because even though there should be no discrimination, the real world doesn't function on hypothetical theories.

Kash is experiencing a mini-midlife crisis. Does he really want to remain as a corrections officer? It's not a career choice for him. It pays the bills. When his personal life crosses over into his work, there are some serious ramifications. There is a strict code of conduct for fraternization between prison guard and prisoner. This is where the compromise comes in.

Mr. Stone is a new to me author who kept me riveted to this story. He crafts a solid tale with detective work and an inside look at the prison system. He's glossed over the nasty ugly side, but it's hinted enough for a reader to pick up the clues. In addition to a good plot, his characters are well done. Kash is an admirable main character. He shows heart. He's engaging and caring. His new partner at work, Zane is a hottie horn dog. If Zane was a female, the title easy drunken slut does cross the mind. Cody is the inmate who is adorably naïve. He's the one who brings out the mothering instincts out of most women. He's a great kid despite the hard knocks he's experienced.

What I liked about this story is that it wasn't predictable. Mr. Stone added twists and turns which enriched the reading experience. He didn't throw in crazy plot devices. He built up the story in layers and then brought it all together. There is one character in here who is amoral plus psychopathic. Mr. Stone creates this character so well. It really shows how people can see only certain sides of a person. How well do people really know each other? Watch out for those slick charmers.

This m/m romance is recommended for readers who enjoy a good suspense.

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