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Gilded Lily
Gilded Lily by Pauline Allan

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The Romance Review

A sexual fantasy so taboo that Lily's fiancé repudiates her and breaks off the wedding plans. What could it be? Lily's sexual desires must be off the wall kinky. Or maybe not.

Lily is a reclusive Southern belle living on a family estate. It seems she is the only one left in her family. She's been a submissive to a Dom, Tony. The past three years, she's grown under his sexual submissive training and blossomed. Two years ago, she expanded her sexual repertoire to include F/f delights with Tony's girlfriend, Renee.

This story is a slow journey to expose Lily's fear of rejection as well as her need for a fulltime Dom. The description of the location is vivid. It's easy to imagine this gorgeous home with the beautiful landscaping. The BDSM scenes are sultry, perfect for the steamy Southern climate. The dampness between the reader's legs caused by arousal can easily rival the humidity of Lily's home state. Ms. Allan does a great job of weaving in graphic sex scenes at the right pace for this story. The plot, while simplistic, works just right with the sexual journey. Each interlude increases the arousal until the finale ends in a mouthwatering ménage.

The characters in this story are for the most part easy to understand. Adam is the new male love interest for Lily. Can he handle her? He's already one step closer due to his interest in the BDSM lifestyle. Tony is an intriguing character who almost overshadows both Adam and Lily. He's mysterious with his own private desires and issues. His enigmatic ways makes a reader want to learn more about him. I want to hear his story. Forget about Lily shacking up with Adam. Tony's the man to watch!

Lily is a delicate flower whose painful rejection by her ex-fiancé makes her shy away from men. I didn't really understand Lily. She came across with an emotionally stunted age of a hormonal pre-teenager. Who hasn't been rejected at least several times in their lives? Her extreme response to this demonstrates a very low self-esteem which doesn't exactly jive with her voracious sexual appetite. Make no mistakes, she likes her sex with a kinky hedonistic bent.

When the big reveal of her depraved desires is divulged, it was a letdown to me. It's a very common and popular fantasy right now for many women. Now, do most guys like it? No. But who cares about them? I'm a woman; hear me roar. Meow. All kidding aside, I've met several men in the past few years who are into this fetish Lily lusts after.

This erotic novel is recommended for kinky ménage lovers who enjoy every sexual permutation.



      Gilded Lily



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