Review: Her Ladyship's Curse

Her Ladyship's Curse
Her Ladyship's Curse by Lynn Viehl

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

With a tag including Steampunk, one would expect a bit more steampunk incorporated into this story. Instead, it's more urban fantasy on a retold timeline. The steampunk in this tale is quite light. Still, the novel is interesting and I enjoy how history is designed with Great Britain, or the "Crown" winning instead of Washington.

Kit is a magical null. Magic doesn't work around her which is why she believes all mages to be thieving scam artist. This world Ms. Viehl created is intriguing. It parallels the colonies in the US in many ways. This interpretation is a bit darker. Or perhaps the real history books have white washed it so that in comparison, Ms. Viehl's world seems more sinister.

The characters in this book are engaging. Kit is a character I enjoy. She is spunky and she keeps the most intriguing of friends. Her loyal friends are pretty amazing and it's nice to see a strong female lead maintain friends from her youth. Even better, when her friends are of both sexes instead of just males. Kit's ability to negate magic serves her well since she is employed by many to rid them of "curses". Kit' skepticism along with her sleuthing skill keeps her busy. Although at times it catches the eye of people she'd rather ignore.

The love interest in this story is amusing. Lucien Dredmore is not only a deathmage, but a man in the "Tonne". He isn't to be trifled with yet Kit treats him with utmost irreverence. Her immunity to his charms both personality and magic only entrances him more. Dredmore is definitely designed as an overbearing alpha male. It's puzzling how Kit becomes so easily swayed by his sexual overtures. For someone so strong willed, she is curiously weak around him.

While the dispelling of magic is going on, as well as Kit working on a case, there are other plots going on. It should be interesting to see how Ms. Viehl pulls them all together. Currently there are several storylines being revealed at the same time. For this story to cut off in a cliffhanger is disappointing. It leaves the book feeling unfinished. This is why the rating is a 3 star. The world building as well as character creation is solid. This is recommended for magic lovers who enjoy a bluestocking kicking butt and taking names.

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