Review: Her Pirate Master

Her Pirate Master
Her Pirate Master by Trista Ann Michaels

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Pirates in space are just as sexy as the pirates at sea.

Jacquelyn Marcone aka Captain Jack earned her reputation in the Marcone family as one of most talented captains. Crew fight to serve under her. Most think Captain Jack is a male and she does nothing to convince them otherwise. Unfortunately for her, Pirate Haydrian is gunning for her and thinks she's a man.

The case of hidden identity is amusing and pivotal for this plot to work. Initially to keep Jack safe, keeping the deception was the best choice. As Jack learns more about Haydrian, it isn't so black and white for her anymore. The story does pull on the heartstrings of many. It's understandable what Haydrian does. However, the comparison to Robin Hood is a fail for me. The good people of Nottingham were being taxed to death. Haydrian's people were not taxed to death. Still, there are many parallels.

This story is a lovely science fiction fantasy piece where the lines of good and evil are blurred. When a civilization is decimated by war, famine and disease, what does a leader do to survive? Haydrian makes some hard decisions after every avenue is closed off to him for aid. His people desperately need medicine. He'll gladly turn criminal and steal medicine to save lives. Captain Jack thwarted him too many times and Haydrian is going to make him pay.

The characters in this story are delightful and engaging. Jack is stubborn yet yields in screaming sexual submission. Haydrian is a tough and caring Dom who is weighed down by heavy responsibilities. They are a good match for each other and Ms. Michaels does an admirable job of showing it. The chemistry is definitely there between the two and when it clashes into hawt erotic sex, it's explosive.

The BDSM scenes in this story are steamy goodness with spankings and forced orgasms. The flogging and nipple clamps are added delights. The BDSM is light and more about the sex than the D/s portion. All of it is arousing and gives this story a 3.5 star rating.

This kinky science fiction/fantasy tale is for those who love the tarnished knight.



      Her Pirate Master



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