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In His Cuffs
In His Cuffs by Sierra Cartwright

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The Romance Review

Hostile takeover of a family business is rarely a pleasant time. Previous owners Maggie Carpenter and her mother make sure David Tomlinson feels their disdain. Their petty and sniping attitude is setting the tone for the entire office to treat David as the enemy and with contempt. Their unprofessional behavior is deplorable. Frankly, I'm surprised David puts up with it. The women at this company all need a good spanking.

Ms. Cartwright sets the reader up for the perfect banging the boss theme. When Maggie crosses David's path at the BDSM club she infrequently patrons, the sparks fly. Ms. Cartwright does an excellent job of showing the complications of mixing personal with business. Adding the BDSM element of D/s only makes it hotter.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how Maggie learns to feel guilt, shame and regret for her poor behavior at work. At the same time, her submission to David balances out and helps her grow up and face some harsh truths. While this book does paint most of the women in a poor light, it is unfortunately all too genuine. I find the actions of the women an accurate portrayal of reality, down to the bitchy name calling and snarky dialogue. Ms. Cartwright does an excellent job of creating her characters to be realistic and with believable flaws. It gives Ms. Cartwright room to develop the characters. It's a pleasure to see the growth in the characters as well as the healing bonds between them.

David does seem a bit more standoffish and it's understandable. It's also what I see in the business world. Many executive men come across cold because they stick to the facts and logical reasoning to avoid the traps of drama queens. Seeing David's perspective is a nice touch. He doesn't come across as a metrosexual pushover. His inner thoughts are a good representation of how many men think.

The BDSM in the story is delicious as one would expect from Ms. Cartwright. The power struggle instead of the erotic power exchange is captured just as I've seen it. David responds in a much better fashion than what I've seen in real life. David demonstrates time and time again how he can be trusted. He enforces his rules and when he is hurt, he communicates both clearly and effectively. His commands and punishment are arousing. Where do we find more Doms like David in real life?

This kinky romance is recommended for those who love the boss-to-subordinate D/s theme.
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